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Among these ideas you find, unity, immutability, cyclical movements and the relationship and similarity of the laws ruling the cosmos and society as well as man himself, who is considered a microcosms. They are the background of his concept of justice. In that similarity relationship, the polis would be the main component which unifies both worlds.


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It would consist of a triangular structure having three elements, cosmos, polis and citizens, whose relationship would be that the same immutable laws apply to all of them. The world of cosmos is a model that can be applied to the social world, the idea of cyclical movements explain the inevitability of social changes and their unavoidable transformation and degradation of which his own political system, the aristocracy, cannot escape, such as it happens with changes in the seasons and the decaying process of bodies.

This is a material element which determines a deployment and permanent presence of ideas. Due to the inevitable cyclical movement, aristocracy will degenerate into timocracy, while closing the circle, he expected that tyranny would be succeeded by aristocracy, by a degeneration of which, all the Political systems, in the order previously established by himself, that is to say, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy an tyranny would appear again. This corresponds with the historical evolution of Sparta and Athens both of which had in common oligarchy, though at a different historical moment.

Is software engineer, writer, teacher, and has radio programs. He was the co-creator of the first digital magazines and was chief editor of them "Delta" and "Hypermedia". His books are mainly science-fiction and fantasy, with many novels and short stories. With his book "Verdades Futuras y Mentiras Antiguas, escritas en un Presente Incierto" he won two important national prizes: Are you an author?