Guide If You Come To A Bridge, Youve Gone Too Far!

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Thanks so much, Sue! Your posts are always so practical and helpful, Jackie. In fact, there are some great pointers for everyone — a great tip for us Canadians about using as your zip code if buying a metrocard! Thanks so much, Carol!

Glad the post is helpful. Great guide to NYC!

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It can be so daunting to plan a visit to NYC as there is so much to see. My fave is also going to MoMA on Fridays. Lol, Christina…I know that sigh. Once NYC gets under your skin it constantly calls you back…. What a fantastic resource! Thanks, Katie, for adding to this resource! I knew of the famous grid system on NY and how it was built but it was interesting and really helpful to have the streets and avenues orientation and the public transport info.

A city that everyone wants to visit but need quite a bit of research beforehand to make the most of it. So true, Sia! You really should have a little sense of how to get around or else you could miss so great NYC spots. What a great guide! I will keep in mind your tips for when I am going to visit. Tips, tricks and itineraries for New York…so useful this post is. I have always felt that larger cities are so difficult to absorb, because of their sheer size. You tend to miss out on different angles and ways of experiencing the place. Posts on larger cities are so much needed.

Thank you, Punita. Big cities certainly have so much to see and do. Fabulous post.

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I visited NYC in May this year. It had been on my bucket list for some years and I was not disappointed.

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I was lucky enough to have two full weeks there and I got to do a lot! Patrice Australia x. Thanks so much for reading and for your kind words, Patrice. Levain Bakery has the best chocolate chip cookie for sure.

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This is a wealth of useful tips! So informative….. NYC is on my radar.

Not sure when I will get to go there but whenever I do I will come back to this post. And definitely saving it on my Flipboard!

Thank you, La Dee! Hope you make it to NYC soon and reach out if you have any questions. Thanks for sharing, too! Thank you Jackie. We leave for NYC in 6 sleeps! So excited and this guide is just perfect for us. Thanks for helping a very excited Australian family.

Yay, how exciting, Jo!! I hope you love NYC and have a great time! Super helpful post, thanks! Let me know if you need any other pointers. NYers always want you to love their city. Awesome, Kim! The boroughs have such gems! Brooklyn, of course, is a hot spot, but Queens should not be overlooked. Best Chinese food in Flushing! Hope you can make it back soon. What a fantastic article!! Going to NYC for first time in July…. We will be there for 6 nights. My only concern is getting from airport to hotel.

Thanks so much, Darcy. Southern Texas has got to be pretty hot! This is a great post…very helpful and informative! Any pointers?? If uptown is too far from where you want to be, look far west in midtown, like close to the Hudson River and West Side Highway. There are relatively cheaper outdoor parking lots.


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Good luck! How funny! I am also from WV, planning to drive and I was wondering about parking. We do plan on parking for the duration and using the subway but now I know to check out parking areas other than what is available at our hotel. Such a small world, Tammy! It most certainly will be cheaper. Great break down of the city. I am visiting for the first time tomorrow and I only have a day to explore. I was feeling a little overwhelmed and now I feel like I can do it! This is wonderful and incredibly helpful! We are bringing our three school-aged sons in October. You have made me even more excited and comfortable.

Thank you! Thanks so much for reading, Audrey! So exciting to visit NYC, plus October is a great time to visit. Fewer tourists and great weather. Have so much fun! Planning going to see NYC sites in end of Sept. Hi Julie, thanks for reading. Hoboken and Jersey City can be good alternatives. But just know each city has resident-only permit parking and limited, timed parking for visitors.

Hoboken, in particular, is especially restrictive and will not hesitate to put a boot on your tire only to be removed by paying hundreds of dollars. Look for hotels that offer parking on site or local area lots and garages for the best deal. Be sure to check how close the subway is, as well, so you can easily get in and out of Manhattan. Hope that helps!

Enjoy your trip. This info is so helpful! Thank you, I look forward to my trip to New York in November of this year. And I look forward to utilizing so much of your helpful tips.

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