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The Beat Generation. Discurso e Discursos [Discourse and Discourses]. Conference: The F. Conference and debate, 17th. Conference Olhares Luso-Brasileiros sobre Literatura, org. Conference Feminino-Masculino, Oeiras, Portugal, 4th. Conference O Esoterismo e as Humanidades, F.

May - Barbas, H. October - Barbas, H. January - Barbas, H. Open Course - F.

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June - Barbas, H. March Discussant - Barbas, H. University of Manchester, Manchester, U. Lisbon, Portugal, th. July - Barbas, H. Companhia de Teatro de Almada, Almada, Portugal, 5th. Biblioteca Orlando Ribeiro, Lisbon, Portugal, 10th. Conference, 75th. Book-fair in Oporto, Oporto, Portugal, 6th. Talk about the Merchant of Venice, with performance by the actors of the Companhia de Teatro de Almada.

Botticelli - O pintor da beleza - O Nascimento de Vênus - TopARTE #19 - VEDA

Cycle of Conferences Shakespeare by his translators, org. Almada City Council, and 16th. Nova - From discovery to scientific dissemination - F. July ; th July Portuguese Literature and Web. Cycle Regent and lecturer - Scientific and Technical Communication - 2nd. Cycle Regent and lecturer - Expression and Communication — 1st.

P], Porto, Portugal 27th. November, CICS. Leonor Santa-Barbara; defended and approved 2nd. Ciclo no D. Leite de Vasconcellos — FCT ref. Modern Rare Archaic. User list.

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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed. The surname was used by all the subsequent illegitimate children of that dynastic line. A famous bearer of this surname is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Indicating for someone from Bavaria a state in Germany. The place-name element -court courtyard, courtyard of a farm, farm is typical of the French provinces, where the Frankish settlements formed an important part of the local population BOMBA Portuguese , Spanish , Polish , Ukrainian , Czech , Slovak From bomba "bomb", Latin bombus , hence probably a nickname for someone with an explosive temperament, or a metonymic occupational name for an artilleryman.

Later pencil notes with a Borba de Moraes reference on front free endpaper. The author mentions cures for scurvy that he obtained using his technique in Bahia, not only on inhabitants of Bahia but also on transients from India. There is considerable bibliographic confusion about the first two editions.

The licenses state that this is a reprint of a book already in existence; the earliest license is dated 14 December , and the tax statement is dated 24 January The first edition appeared in Lisbon, , printed by Miguel Rodrigues; its earliest license was dated 7 July , and it bore a tax statement dated 15 February Cardoso de Miranda also practiced medicine in Minas Geraes and owned a galleon engaged in commerce with Africa.

The text is seldom studied because of the rarity of. Barbosa Machado IV, Santos Filho Porbase locates two copies at Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal and one at Biblioteca Central da Marinha, without mention of the 22 pp. Copac repeats Wellcome Library. Large woodcut initials and headpieces. Some soiling to title-page, light waterstain near outer margin of first few leaves, round wormhole in first 14 leaves, never touching any text, another smaller round wormhole in blank outer margin of first 3 leaves, a few additional small holes in blank portions of title-page.

Despite these faults, in good to very good condition. Eighteenth- or early nineteenth-century engraved armorial bookplate of the Rev. James Burnell. Sousa de Macedo, a politician and diplomat, believed that the most important quality for a ruler was justice.


La florecita de la maleza (Spanish Edition)

Drawing his examples from past kings of Portugal, he describes how the ruler should apply justice to himself and his relations with God and his subjects. The work was written and published while the author was on a ticklish diplomatic mission to Holland in , to negotiate the status of Pernambuco. Sousa de Macedo , a native of Porto who studied law at Coimbra, reached the highest echelons of the magistracy and the diplomatic service.

Affonso VI. At the same time he was known as a man of vast erudition, publishing numerous works in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin. Barbosa Machado I, Avila-Perez Bell, Portuguese Literature pp. Samuel Browne, printer to the University of Heidelberg, ? Not in British Library Integrated Catalogue. Engraved vignette on both letterpress title-pages, woodcut initials, some Greek type. Light dampstaining, offsetting from some plates, and browning, but overall in very good condition.

Old inked initials "CK. Engraved title-page signed by H. Bary, 5 ll. A variant issue of both works with the imprint "sumpt.

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Combi et Jo. Lanov" also exists, as does a separate issue of the first part only, with a cancel engraved vignette pasted onto the title-page. The two works were also printed at Leiden, and Leipzig, Baudouin's work includes illustrations of rope-soled sandals, skis p.