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ROI Calculation

Many employers evaluate training based on whether or not employees learned something new, retained the information or had, an enjoyable training experience instead of looking at how the training technology measurably impacted their business goals. To increase the effectiveness of training and training technologies, businesses need to adjust their thinking and focus on the behavioral changes, business results and bottom line outcomes that were created by the training.

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In the area of mobile learning, employers need to recognize the unique benefits mobile learning technology offers the organization and how mobile learning initiatives facilitate innovative, new approaches in employee training. This effect is noticeable due to the fact that the learning is delivered at the point of need, immediately helping the employee perform the task at hand.

There are a variety of ways in which mobile learning leads to ROI improvements and measurable results in organizations where employee training and business performance are inextricably linked. Chad Udell is the Managing Director at Float Mobile Learning and a nationally recognized expert in mobile learning and enterprise app development. Calculating returns on learning investments Too often, ROI accounting focuses on efficiency rather than effectiveness.

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The report was cowritten by Steven Wallman, a former SEC commissioner; Bassi is chairperson of a subgroup that worked on the human-capital component. Brookings and the ASTD want the SEC to require companies to report human-capital investments such as training expenditures, but they say that the wheels of bureaucracy have been slow to turn. Their position is they have a pretty good system right now.

Tim Lucas, FASB's director of research and technical activities, says the profession is struggling with how to quantify intangibles. For one thing, the definition of training can be troublesome, " he says. For all this to happen, companies need standard metrics for evaluating their training efforts.

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Beware: it takes a lot of heavy lifting to fill out the questionnaire. You must answer detailed questions in a page measurement kit, but your reward is a free report comparing your company to others in ASTD's database, Van Buren says. WPS maintains close partnerships with five nearby technical colleges.

Typically, the colleges provide professors who teach WPS managers how to teach. The professors and the WPS staff also jointly develop online learning systems, the focus of much of WPS's recent efforts.


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While the company doesn't yet show training expenditures in its annual report, the CEO is a training champion and touts the effort publicly. Quisenberry says the most effective types of training seem to be computer-related or technical -- say, giving meter readers who would otherwise fall victim to automation a chance to learn new skills within the company.

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Retention is such a corporate value that Quisenberry seems to have little patience with the old-school fear that employee training will only pay off for your competitors. Says Quisenberry: "If you don't do it, they're going to walk out the door faster.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Why training pays ASTD defines a company's TSR as the change in its stock price plus dividends, calling it the best measure of a stockholder's actual return. However, Internet-delivered training is a lot more economical SEC reports Having established training's ROI, ASTD advocates that publicly traded companies report training expenditures in the quarterly and annual financial reports they file with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission. One company's top-level commitment For all this to happen, companies need standard metrics for evaluating their training efforts.

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