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Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work. Cadogan Guide Egypt. Eminent Egypt chronicler, Michael Haag, takes you on a journey down the Nile, past Cairo's fine medieval architecture and gleaming skyscrapers to the extraordinary temples of Luxor and Karnak and the breathtaking tombs at the Valley of the Kings.

Explore this captivating and alluring region with this illuminating and dependable guide. Includes in-depth cultural and historical backgrounds Contains practical travel advice and easy-to-use maps Hand-picks the best places to stay and eat Recommends the top sites for each region. Special Order. Special Order items are usually fulfilled in weeks.

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Cannot combine other item s in one order. Egypt: Land of the Pharaoh. Coming from a small midwestern town, the traveler decides to go to Egypt as his first trip to a foreign country. Travel with him as he makes new discoveries in an ancient land. This book is a factual story about the life-or-death challenge to walk across a desert and climb a mountain to raise money for charity - in this case, Guide Dogs for the Blind.

For someone who stays out of the sun to avoid painful sunburn and debilitating sunstroke, this sojourn was totally crazy Overweight, over 40, and very white-skinned, this woman steeled herself for the challenges ahead. Arriving in Sinai, every pre-conceived notion disappeared. As each day dawned, so did enlightenment about deserts and their peoples. Sleeping on the sand under blankets of stars; travelling with and relying upon the Bedouin; Sinai became a place of wonder and strange comfo..

Cairo is Egypt's capital city and the largest city in Africa and the Arab world. The historic Pyramids are located in the suburb of Giza. The city has a population of 19 million and downtown Cairo is the city's congested hub with streets lined with caf s, restaurants, and shops. What We Saw in Egypt. What We Saw in Egypt is a classic Egyptian travelogue. The welcome cry of "Suez Suez " resounded throughout the steamship Bentinck one November morning.

The passage up the Red Sea had been rough, and every one was glad to exchange the rolling and pitching of the vessel for land travelling. The railway between Cairo and Suez was not yet finished, and travellers crossed the desert in vans, each of which held six persons and was drawn by two horses and two mules. You can use this if on deck and the breeze picks up. It also does double duty if you go into any mosques, as women may have to cover their heads. It was not very crowded when we went. We were some of the only tourists in the Valley of the Kings and I was completely alone in a tomb.

I would definitely not want to do Eqypt in the summer. I think the tombs would be unbearably hot, especially since there is really no air flow. We were in Luxor in late May and it was far too hot F to F every day. Had to retreat to our room in the afternoons.

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I think the hottest it got for us was high 80's. In the evenings it was cool Nice :.

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We work with a gentlemen who was born adn raised in Egypt and when we were planning our trip he told us "only go in Jan. Temps in Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Jordan were in the 80's everyday, making all that walking in the temples comfortable.

It's a once in a lifetime trip for most and I would not try to save money on this one. There's a reason it's cheaper in the spring and fall! Hi All, I want to treat my parents to a Nile cruise this winter as my dad has worked hard all his life and is about to retire! Can anyone recommend any suitable travel companies or cruise ships? I am looking for a ship that is luxurious, with relaxed itinerary, not too large tour groups, safe food etc. I was thinking of the Royal Viking through Discover Egypt but not sure as I read reviews that they change downgrade the ships at the last minute?

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When I visited Luxor, although I didn't do a cruise, I saw a cruise ship with mainly Indian tourists. Normally I would prefer a cruise with multi nationals, but I think my parents would like such a cruise as they will be more inclined to mingle no language barriers, food etc. Not sure how long of a trip you're planning on, but we have booked a late-November day "Jewels of the Nile" tour with Tauck. Tauck is certainly one of the most "luxrious", and has many special amenities, such as wine being included with dinner, etc.

They also have received wonderful reviews on these boards. We're sure looking forward to being "pampered" with them. Tauck had about 35 people which is half the boat and the rest were rich people from Italy. They had half the dining area and we had the other half. No problems whatsoever. Tauck really knows how to run a tour.

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We are going on number 17 in two weeks. We're very excited about this trip. I arrived in Cairo in mid February, and left on March 12th last year. I spent a week in Cairo at the beginning, and a week in Sharm el Sheik at the end, then the 10 day cruise and a few days in Luxor in the middle. It was warm but bearable in Cairo high 20s ; I climbed right down into the red pyramid in Dashur and there is no way I would have done it if it had been any warmer.

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Sharm el Sheik was a fair bit hotter just three weeks later mid-high 30s , I spent the early mornings snorkling and the late afternoons by the pools, and the middle of the day inside reading with the air con on. For the cruise up the Nile, it was fine. When you are on the boat, there is a lovely gentle breeze always blowing which is lovely.

We did tours in the mornings we left each day around 7. They really know what they are doing. Apparently by June, they are leaving for those tours at 4am and back for breakfast, in order to avoid the heat. The few days in Luxor at the end of the cruise were hot high 30s , but it was basically air-con taxi to the air-con museum, then back to the hotel pool for a cooling swim Loose linen trousers and long sleeved cotton tops, with hat, and I was fine.

We are going to Jordan at the end of this coming October and then on to Egypt so we had to strike a weather balance. When we arrive in Egypt in early November it will still be hot hopefully not hot, hot, hot for our cruises Lake Nasser and Nile cruise on a Dahabiya. It was necessary to go earlier because the nights in southern Jordan are quite cool by the end of October and delaying any longer would require we bring heavy clothing for our stay in tents in Wadi Rum.

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