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It worked! And then notice where He sat — at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens! This is monumental, Superior, the best, the highest, the most glorious.

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The Mosaic Covenant, the sacrifices, the priesthood, all of it — of no use. Because He has fulfilled everything they were. Christ is better in every way. We begin first with His superiority to Everyone and Everything.

In The Last Hour

Jesus Christ is Superior to Everyone and Everything. God has appointed Him heir of all things and made the universe through Him. After making purification for sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high.

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The writer begins with the high note. He begins at the top, the creme of the crop. He is hitting this big with the crescendo. This is like a trump blast announcing the king. Various times and various ways — Over about years and 39 different books, through historical accounts, visions, symbols, parables, poetry, and prose, God has revealed what He wanted His people to know.

God promised His Christ and all of this was to prepare for Him to come. They are in Him. That is Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of everything God Promised. The heir of Almighty God would obviously be His and under His control. In other words, Jesus Christ, the Son of God has the full extension of the authority. We read the same thing in Colossians.

The Superiority of Christ

He not only created it all, but He sustains it, He keeps it all together. And now the writer gets to what proves the Superiority of Christ. It is to radiate. It was used outside of the Bible as an engraving in wood, an impression in clay, or the stamped image on coins. It meant that in His person, His nature, Jesus Christ was the exact nature and essence of God in time and space.

The Superiority Of The Name Of Jesus

And as such, Jesus Christ Sustains all things. This conveys the concept of movement or progress. The Son of God directs and moves all things toward the consummation of all things according to the Sovereign purposes and will of God and He does it just like He created everything — by His powerful word. And then to show the proof —. After making purification for sins , He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high. And there He is, at the place of power, authority, and honor.

The seat Christ has taken is the throne of God, where He rules as sovereign Lord. He is victorious, not a defeated martyr. He is enthroned. He is better than the Angels — verses He has a better message — He is better than Moses — He is better than Joshua, giving His people a better rest — He is better than Aaron. And this brings us to His priesthood.

Jesus Christ is Superior to the Aaronic Priesthood. Here the writer expounds on. The tabernacle was only a limited copy of the heavenly reality. When Jesus entered the heavenly Holy of Holies, having accomplished our redemption, the earthly facsimile was forever finished. This confession of Jesus Son of God is the center of our confession of faith in the gospel, because the whole of redemption centers upon Jesus who is God in human flesh who died for our sin. Most monarchs were unapproachable. Think about the King of Glory, the God of all the universe who is Holy, holy, holy — How much more unapproachable is He?

And yet — it was at the very throne that was before unapproachable that Christ made atonement for sin that grace was dispensed that we might approach with boldness. You see this was an altogether different priesthood. What benefit was the Aaronic Priesthood? We attended a funeral yesterday of a 19 year girl. So sad. But she was a believer. Her family are believers. And we remarked how wonderfully the pastor gave the word of God to them, how he gave Christ as comfort to them.

The writer then gives an exhortation related to the spiritual condition of his readers to full commitment to Christ. For this Melchizedek. Just look at the comparisons briefly with me.

His parents were unknown. His priesthood was not hereditary. The Levitical priesthood changed as each priest died until it passed away altogether, but the Melchizedek priesthood is perpetual since there is no record of beginning or end — no birth, no death. The writer built this argument to show the perfection of the Priesthood of Christ.


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This perfection that was absent from the Aaronic Priesthood, reveals the complete reconciliation with God and unhindered access to God through Jesus Christ. And so he concludes in verse This is important because this means Jesus Christ saves to the Uttermost.

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