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It is not the book you sit down and read at one or two sittings. Read a page or two. Then continue. When you are done About the Author Dr. As a student of wisdom, he seeks to share what he has learned with others. His writing has been called motivational, inspirational, and enlightened. He holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate and has studied various other martial arts for over 30 years. September 12, As a long time lover of inspirational books, having collected numerous volumes, this book went to the top of my personal list of great quote books. It is a book that has thousands of incredible meaningful quotes in just about every topic imaginable.

This amazing book has more than 4, quotes. The reason I have not written a review of this book sooner is because I wanted to read it from cover to cover, and it took a while to absorb all the material this book contains. This text can be considered a guide to living your life in a meaningful way.

Some of the topics covered include: Wisdom of the elders, wisdom of books, character traits of the wise man, character, virtue, truth, sincerity, honor, courage, justice, self-control, self-knowledge, actions, secrets, advice, fear, time and life, love, the spirit, good and evil, death, destiny and much, much more. In conclusion, if you love quote books that can increase the sum total of your knowledge and possibly even change your life, this is a must have book for your personal library.

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Rating: 5 Stars. Truncale Author: Predator Hunter: A warrior's memoir. Top critical review. Just Google "Inspirational Quotes" and save yourself a few dollars. Sort by. Top rated Most recent Top rated. Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars All formats Format: Paperback All formats Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

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Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I found this book to be a good reference, but there was some quotes used more than once. The book was more of a cut and paste type book. I would liked to have seen a small bio of the people being quoted. One person found this helpful. There was a problem loading comments right now. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. Lots of conventional wisdom and a few quotes that make you think. I found it way too one sided, though. The section on revenge, for example, only has quotes about how revenge is bad.

I'm more of eye for an eye man, myself, and I felt the author didn't include a wide enough spectrum of people to quote. I don't even think there's one quote from a rapper in there. This is the only quote book I've bought and I like it. Picking it up usually inspires me and gets me thinking more optimistically. It does have a lot of great wisdom, however, for me, I don't think it's the ultimate quote book, but a decent one.

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Format: Paperback. I just finished slowly reading Wisdom of the Elders. Slowly because the book is not one to be read quickly. I was so surprised to find a book filled with wonderful quotes, under different headings It introduces us to quotes from many different brilliant brains and invites research into the past This book is good for for anyone who is trying to be a better person. It can be an invaluable reference book I want to send one of these books to my grandson.

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Inspirational and well worth spending the money for this book, though I wish it was a bit less money since it seems a bit pricey. Wisdom of the Elders. This is a book for those seeking answers. It was not written for a quick read and then put back on the shelf. I have to admit that I liked the other books written by Dr. Sanders better, but this one is more of a thinkfest like 'Firside Meditations'.

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Left orthodoxy contended that anyone who suggested that technology might have a role in oppression was speaking against the interests of the working class. Technology would help eliminate scarcity and so overcome poverty — to raise questions about technology was to sow doubts about the mechanism that was most likely to end class opposition.

To speak against technology was to speak against the proposition that workers should get their fair share. That compelling fantasy is the subject of my video A Gathering of Crystals. Furthermore, language itself became an issue. The beginning of the 20th century gave rise to a media-saturated environment, and the clamour that emanated from that new, second nature was soon intensifying at a staggering pace, becoming ever more shrill, insistent, and deceptive.

Wisdom of the Elders: The Ultimate Quote Book for Life

Experiencing a hallucination publicitaire became the ordinary reality of consciousness, converting ordinary life into a debased, bargain-basement surrealism that revels in the most tawdry, banal, narrowly imaginative, life-denying desires. Cold War rhetoric filled classrooms, journals, public spaces, and the media. Language lost its purchase on reality, as it became external and mechanical; language is a machine that operates thinking from outside ourselves.

The Surrealists might have lauded automatism as a route to a higher form of understanding, but by mid-century, many were questioning any form of knowledge which did not begin with searching into the self, a de-creation of the self, and a consequent identification of inner energies with the all-pervasive energy field that was beyond us, guiding the entire universe.

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The writing of the Toronto School of Communications Northrop Frye, Marshall McLuhan, Harold Innis, Eric Havelock, and the young scholars they mentored: Donald Theall, Hugh Kenner, and Walter Ong made abundantly clear the importance of the question of language and the costs of its losing its vital connection with the body, and so with truth.

Language, it was clear, had become associated with abstract thinking — a point the Toronto School made insistently in the many allusions to Vico — and abstract thinking had become calculative, instrumental, and administrative thinking.

maisonducalvet.com/dating-agency-tomio.php For me, Rexroth was especially important in this regard. He was well-versed in East Asian religions and philosophy. You also mention, quite perceptively, the overlapping sounds and superimposed images in Lamentations. In a palimpsest, some text from earlier tracts appears through the gaps and openings of the superimposed texts — we could say that they disrupt and bother the surface text. Across the length of The Book of All the Dead , I tried to conceive and to realize a variety of forms that would be analogous. The use of imagery, written text superimposed into the image, spoken text that occurs at the same time as the image, music — all compete for your attention.

I think that The Book of All the Dead as a whole can be looked at profitably as an effort to contrive and present an ever-expanding range of forms analogous to a palimpsest. Lamentations represents one stage of that effort. Taking this Canada on Screen series as an opportunity to look back, has your estimation of [those] works changed at all since?